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When asked, “Why is it important to know your history?” Jelly says, “It's important to know… You just have to know. Somebody might test you in life and ask you a question... I can't just say,  ‘I'm Jelly’... You just have to know where you're coming from, know your roots, your foundation, where you started from. That’s what’s important.” 

Icebreaker: Word Cloud (5 - 30min) 


Do a word cloud with the question, “Why is it important to know your history?” Ask students to think of a word or phrase that explains why they may or may not agree with Jelly's statement. You can also do a graffiti wall and invite students to draw or write their response or you can use a Menti Word Cloud.


Activity: History Quiz (20min)

Have students complete the History Quiz - Google Form (click copy to add the form to your google drive) to test their knowledge on the transatlantic slave trade. Remind them that their responses won’t be graded. It is just part of the activity. This quiz can also be done as an interactive Kahoot! game. 


After they complete the quiz, watch the History Quiz Video.

Explain that while none of Jelly and Yoshi’s responses were correct, most people don't know the answers to those questions. 

Follow Up Questions:


  • Where you surprised by Jelly & Yoshi’s responses?

  • How confident are you in your responses to the quiz questions?

  • Even though everyone knows slavery happened, why do we know so little about the details? 

  • What are your thoughts about Jelly’s comment at the end, “I really don't remember to be honest with you cause they didn't make it interesting enough to pay attention. So I just read the book and did the test…”?

  • Do you feel you’ve learned enough about Black history or the histories of Indigenous People and People of Colour? Is this important? Why or why not?

Share and Reflect (15min)

Journal Reflection or Group Discussion:

  • What parts of your identity or culture do you know a lot about?

  • What parts of your identity, culture or history would you like to learn more about?


Suggested Readings & Resources



Duration: 45min - 1hr 10min


  • To explore our ancestral identities/histories and how they shape and impact our lives 

  • To share what we already know about our ancestral histories and what we’d like to learn more about


Materials Needed:

Play: YYZ to ATL (2min)

Jelly boards the plane, from Toronto to Atlanta, ready! Yoshi's waiting for her at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.

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