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North Buxton

Chatham, ON, Canada
Duration: 1hr


  • To examine the legacy of slavery in Canada

  • To review information shared on the Transatlantic Slave Trade 

Materials Needed:


Introduction (5min)

Since the early 1600s, Black people lived in Canada both as enslaved and free persons. The first recorded slave purchase in Canada was in 1628 in New France, what is now known as Quebec. He was believed to be a six year old boy from Madagascar, given the name Olivier Le Jeune. 

Artist Drawing by Toronto artist Danilo McDowell-McCallum.

In the early 1700s, escaped slaves, Black loyalists, exiled Maroon warriors from Jamaica and refugees from Trinidad settled in Nova Scotia, Ontario, Alberta and many other parts of Canada. There are many Black settlements that still exist and thrive today, including North Preston in Halifax, Nova Scotia and North Buxton in Chatham, Ontario.

Play: North Buxton (10min)

The North Buxton Museum is one of many locations on the Underground Railroad. It is also one of the earliest Black settlements in Canada. Jelly and Yoshi learn more about Canadian Black history at this historic site.  

Activity: Stolen From Africa Jeopardy! (30min)

Time to review what we've learned so far! This fun interactive game can be adapted for use in a Kahoot or online game app. For ease, we've created a google slide version that is ready to go. Just copy it to your google drive and follow directions in the speakers notes. Big shout out to the people at Slides Carnival for this awesome FREE template!

SFA Jeopardy.png
SFA Jeopardy.png

Reflect and Share (5min)

Jelly and Yoshi are genuinely surprised by the opportunity to travel all the way to Africa!

  • They're feeling more than surprised. What other emotions do you think they're feeling?

  • If you were given the opportunity to go to Africa, would you go? Why or why not?

  • Why might some people be hesitant to go to Africa or any other part of the world that they are unfamilar with?

  • Do we hear more positive or negative things about Africa? Why? How might stereotypes and the legacy of racism and slavery impact our our decision to visit a country in Africa?



Play: Surprise You're Going to... (2min)

Jelly and Yoshi reflect on their travel and are surprised with a special opportunity.

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