The ResponseAbility Program (High School)


The ResponAbility Program is a 25 week multi-media & cross-cultural learning program for young men. Through facilitated discussions and workshops, students will learn and acquire skills on personal and development. Some topics they will explore: dream-building/passion, mental & emotional health, relationships, networking & community building, stress management, financial literacy, decision making, social responsibility, politics of power and privilege. 

The Baobab Project: Tree of Life is youth-led Afrofuturistic arts project for African ancestral and allied youth to explore identity and intersectionality through collectively chosen multimedia art form(s) (ex. animated installation, phots exhibition, or theater). The project asks the participants what comes to mind when you hear the words "Stolen from Africa?" The Baobab Project was developed to connect secondary youth to young established multimedia artists and Post Secondary education with OCAD University.





This is the trailer for our multi-country docu-series follows two rappers from Toronto and Atlanta as they retrace actual slave trading routes in North America (Canada/USA) and will serve as an educational resource for students and educators across Ontario and Georgia. 



Our 2007 documentary "Stolen From Africville" outlines the rise and fall of the historic Black community of Africville Nova Scotia. Africville was a peaceful and thriving community whose roots can be traced back to the mid 1700s and the historic Underground Railroad. However, under the guise of "development", the Nova Scotia government bulldozed the land in 1969... In 2004 the United Nations conducted an assessment of this tragic injustice and recommended reparations for the Africville community.


SAY NO MORE is a six-month multi-media & cross-cultural learning project for youth and students. Through facilitated discussions and workshops, students will gain skills on the basics of film, music and sound production and participate in personal storytelling activities and discussions on Black Diaspora and Indigenous cultural histories in Canada. SAY NO MORE is generously supported by the Laidlaw Foundation, Toronto Arts Council and Ontario Arts Council. 


Testimonials from students at Lakeshore Collegiate Institute who participated in the SFA "Real 2 Reel" after school film program/ peer support group. Students had the opportunity to visit the Remix Project recording studio as well as the Schools without boarders video editing suites.