Don't miss your chance to see one of the most dangerous and brilliant comedic minds of our time, live in Toronto.

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Paul Mooney is one of the most dangerous and brilliant comic minds of our time. His first professional gig was writing for Richard Pryor, penning most of the hilarious routines for Pryor's "Saturday Night Live" appearance, co-writing material on the groundbreaking "Live On Sunset" and "Is It Something I Said" albums, and for Pryor's film "Jo Jo Dancer, You're Life Is Calling."


A talented comedic writer, Mooney has served as head writer for some of television's best comedies, including "The Richard Pryor Show," "Good Times" and the first year of Fox's "In Living Color," creating the hilarious "Homey the Clown" skit. He also wrote for Redd Foxx's "Sanford and Son" series as well as "Saturday Night Live." Most recently Mooney appeared on Comedy Central's "Chappelle's Show" and released a live stand up DVD, "Know Your History: Jesus Is Black and So Was Cleopatra."


Paul Mooney came into his own with his controversial and critically acclaimed, debut comedy album "Race," for which he received a GRAMMY nomination. His album "Master Piece" continues to stir anger, laughter, and thought. "I always drop in some history" he explains "It's knowledge. There's always a message in my comedy and you may not get it that night - it's like time bombs. It'll get you a week later. You'll understand." 

Be warned: This show is not for the easily offended.


Hosted by Canada's Godfather of Comedy, Kenny Robinson!


**This event is wheelchair accessible. For more information, please contact 647.478.5782.**


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You can also buy tickets at: 


321 Queen Street West (East of Spadina)
Mon - Sat 11 - 7pm & Sun 12 - 6pm
(416) 598-4287

219A Yonge Street (Across from the Toronto Eaton Centre)
Sunday: 12pm  8pm
Monday: 11am  8pm
Tuesday: 11am  7:30pm
Wednesday: 11am  8pm
Thursday & Friday: 11am  9pm
Saturday: Closed
(416) 363-8408


Questions? Call event producers, Stolen From Africa at 647.478.5782.